Things to do around Himeji Castle

In the West Harima area adjacent to Himeji Castle, there are many tourist attractions where you can experience the great nature from the ancient times. A vast landscape where you can enjoy flowers in full bloom through the four seasons such as natural hot spring and forest therapy popular for foreign tourists in recent years, cherry blossoms, plums, sunflowers, tulips, shakunage, shobu and cosmos. Power spots such as waterfalls, shrines and giant trees where legends remain. A temple that conveys mountain faith to this day. You can feel the history and culture close to you. Gourmets that can only be tasted there are also popular, such as Asia’s largest astronomical observatory, deer, cow, and Jibi food of salmon. Visit the West Harima area, which can be said to be the original scenery of Japan, and experience the history, culture, and warmth of people.